Senior Employment Litigation Paralegal

Briana Schweizer

Briana Schweizer Bio

Briana is a Senior Paralegal at MKO Employment Law LLC. As a skilled paralegal specializing in employment law, with years experience, she is a highly independent manager of complex legal matters. She has worked closely with Attorneys Michael Kraemer, Christi Wallace, and Kayla Drum for many years. In fact, she was an original employee hired by this long-standing litigation team. She is not only a core team asset; she is more importantly a member of our family.

Briana has a start-to-finish knowledge of countless employment-based litigation cases. There’s almost nothing she hasn’t seen and she encourages our clients to ask her anything. She is happy to guide clients through the legal process and answer any questions they may have with compassion and confidentiality. She has authored a vast number articles about various employment topics and enjoys this subject matter thoroughly. 

Her professional passion is fighting for employees who have been illegally discriminated against for reasons beyond their control. Her favorite part of employment law is that her job is never boring and every day is something completely different. 

Briana was born and raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania and moved to Pittsburgh after college. When she isn’t working, she enjoys spending time playing video games and hiking. Aside from enjoying listening to music, she also enjoys playing the guitar, trombone, and trumpet. Briana also enjoys spending time with her wife, her 2 cats, and her family and friends.

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