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MKO Employment Law LLC

429 4TH AVE STE 300
PITTSBURGH, PA 15219-1507

MKO: 412-301-2700 (Call or SMS)

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Email MKO or Call 412-301-2700. No State or Federal Employees & Only Pennsylvania Cases.

Schedule Your Complimentary MKO Employment Law Consultation

Book your one-time complimentary MKO Employment Law Attorney Consultation through our user-friendly online scheduling system. Lasting about 20 minutes, this session offers an attorney specializing in employment law to listen, understand your legal situation, and explain your options, strategy, and how we can assist. Opting for the basic consultation instead of a Comprehensive Session may oversimplify complex legal issues, leading to missing opportunities to resolve significant and strategic matters as well as financial losses. Legal Costs are small when considering months of missed work or loss of a long career. Secure the advantage in your employment case by booking this essential consultation, your first step towards a winning legal strategy.

Comprehensive Legal Strategy Session: Book a Paid In-Depth Consultation

MKO offers specialized, fee-based consultation services tailored for those requiring in-depth legal advice, especially in complex cases. By scheduling a two-hour paid consultation with our attorneys who exclusively practice plaintiffs' employment law, you gain access to top-tier legal advice, strategic planning, and options, all designed to address your specific legal challenges. This service is invaluable for professionals, doctors, lawyers, executives, vice presidents, and high-level business leaders seeking specialized guidance in employment law. Book your consultation through our exclusive $800.00 fee-based online system to start receiving the assistance you deserve.

Michael L. Kraemer, Esq.
412.301.2701 Direct (Call Only, No SMS/Fax)

Christi M. Wallace, Esq.
412.301.2702 Direct (Call or SMS)
c@mkolaw.com Fax: 412-223-4613

Kayla H. Drum, Esq. 
412.301.2705 Direct (Call or SMS)
k@mkolaw.com Fax: 412-307-3122

Brittany Spencer
412.301.2704 Direct (Call or SMS)

Jillian Curran
412.301.2706 Direct (Call or SMS)

Meghan Williams
412.301.2703 Direct (Call or SMS)

Emma Malakhova
412.301.2704 Direct (Call or SMS)


If you have an urgent situation after regular office hours, please email urgent@mkolaw.com and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Attorney Consultation Request: Schedule Attorney Meeting, Paralegal/Administrative: para@mkolaw.com, New Client Inquiries: intake@mkolaw.com, Media Inquiries: media@mkolaw.com. Locations of EEOC, PHRC, and US District Court. Large Map of MKO Employment Law’s Location.


Main Office

MKO Located At Law & Finance Building (Downtown)

We also maintain a second office for the purposes of meeting clients near the courthouses in downtown Pittsburgh. The 21-story Law and Finance Building was built in 1927-1928 by the Washington, D.C. architect Philip Jullien. The Classical Revival design has a four-story base with Corinthian pilasters. Our clients can conveniently reach MKO downtown using the T-Stations, bus lines, and various parking garages with easy access to I-376, I-579 and I-279 within minutes. 

Historic Law & Finance Downtown Office

(Notice Closed Pending Move) 3 Crossings: Strip District 

MKO was formerly located here. “Pittsburgh’s newest neighborhood, inside its most original.” 3 Crossings is a 20-acre development in the vibrant and eclectic Strip District  in the newest technology center. This location offers our clients a relaxing and comfortable waterfront environment in the city that is easily accessible and without the downtown hassle. There is ample parking, shops, restaurants, and entertainment.  Notice: Actively seeking new second office – 11/11/2022. 

Strip District Location

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