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LawPay is only for verified law firms where you can use any credit or debit card as well as our special access to process checking or savings accounts. Approved in all 50 states, LawPay is proud to be the preferred payment partner and trusted legal fee processor of more than 50,000 law firms and hundreds of Bar Associations such as the American Bar Association, the Pennsylvania Bar Association, the Allegheny County Bar Association, and the Philadelphia Bar Association.

Pay Later: LawPay also partners with Affirm’s ClientCredit in order to allow everyone access to legal help via the “Pay Later” feature on the link below “Secure Client Payment” page which often includes a 0% interest option.

Intake Assessments

If MKO has offered representation and you have accepted, you will get a password to fill out the appropriate Secure Assessment. 

At this point, you should also have received the “Welcome Email” explaining the next several steps in your case in detail. This initial assessment step is crucial in getting any possible information that might be important for us to know. MKO, as a boutique employment law firm, is committed to learning your case – but we need your help. We have a very thorough assessment process where we will get into depth on the intricacies of your case. The information you provide here is the foundation for MKO’s highly acclaimed legal representation that it stakes its reputation on. Take this questionnaire seriously, missed details derail cases.

Steps After Fully Executing the Legal Services Agreement

Once you complete your Legal Services Agreement, MKO will send you a “Welcome Email” with a list of action items and the client “To-Do List”, which will spell out exactly what needs to be done next. Part of that list will be submission of your (1) Intake Assessment via the secure online portal with a password, and then to email your (2) Important Documents or Notice Letters to our dedicated intake email. Please make sure you get this Welcome Email.

MKO Pennsylvania Employment Lawyers

ABOUT: MKO is a “boutique firm” which means that we focus on a niche area of law and offer highly specialized services to clients who are looking for the personal touch within our area of expertise: Employment Law. Boutique law firms are not a general practice or one-stop legal shop, and that’s a good thing. You need one good attorney who knows the ins and outs of the area of law that’s relevant to your case. Look for a law firm that primarily practices the area of law that you need. If that’s all they do, chances are, they do it very well.

Wrongful Termination

We help people fired, or soon to be fired, when they have been treated unfairly, illegally, or unjustly.

Employment Discrimination

Race, religion, gender (including pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions), orientation, disability.

Professional Exit Strategies

Remove yourself from a toxic workplace or help with a job loss. Lawyers give you an exit strategy.

Medical Accommodations

Employees needing physical or mental health/wellness accommodations are protected.

Disability Discrimination

Many health conditions can be considered disabilities and are  legally protected including retaliation.  

EEOC or PHRC Agencies

Aggressive lawyering in the state and federal agencies can mean quick, quiet, and lucrative resolutions.

Age Discrimination

For those over 40 years old (but older is preferred) that experience bias based on your age.

Sexual Harassment

A range of actions from mild transgressions to sexual abuse or sexual assault. A highly serious offense.