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For our current, potential, and past clients. Assessments are password protected.

Client Intake Assessment 

If MKO has offered representation and you have accepted, you will get a password to fill out the appropriate Secure Assessment. At this point, you should also have received the “Welcome Email” explaining the next several steps in your case in detail. This initial assessment step is crucial in getting any possible information that might be important for us to know.

MKO, as a boutique employment law firm, is committed to learning your case – but we need your help. We have a very thorough assessment process where we will get into depth on the intricacies of your case. The information you provide here is the foundation for MKO’s highly acclaimed legal representation that it stakes its reputation on. Take this questionnaire seriously, missed details derail cases.

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Make A Secure Payment

To make a payment is simple. LawPay is only for verified law firms where you can use any credit or debit card as well as our special access to process checking or savings accounts. LawPay is a trusted and secure web site, specifically designed for vetted legal practitioners, which you can use to pay your legal fees and costs. The attorneys have used this incredibly safe and insured service, recommended by the Pennsylvania BAR Association, for well over a decade.  Client Payment 

Remote Document Viewing

Using secure remote access software, MKO is able to collaborate with you as if we were sharing the same computer. To prepare for our online meeting, please organize all of your digital documents into a folder and have all the files labeled. Believe us, this online session will save you a lot of time and effort. With your permission, together, we will be able to review all these documents and MKO will be able to provide you with legal advice immediately. The software is safe, trusted, lightweight, and automatically uninstalls once the session is over.

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