MKO Employment Law LLC’s Legal Liability Limitations, Waivers, Terms and Conditions , Disclaimers, Privacy Policy, & Miscellaneous

Content contains attorney advertising. MKO Employment Law LLC (d/b/a “Michael Kraemer Esq. Office(s)”, “M.K.O. Employment Law LLC”, “” and “MKO”), is an insured limited liability entity using insured limited liability Partners. MKO, “Providing you a path forward in your life, career, and recovering the compensation you deserve.™” MKO is not in any way a successor entity to any other law firm. Information on this or other websites on which we provide content is not legal advice. Contacting or consulting with us does not create an attorney-client relationship, establish any obligations or responsibilities on the part of MKO, and the only way such a relationship may be created or legal advice given by MKO is by retaining MKO through a signed and fully executed Legal Services Agreement. Any testimonial, statement, endorsement, numerical figure, image/video, rating, or review (that may be from many years of practice with many people), on this website or any other, does not constitute a guarantee, suggestion, promise, influence, or prediction about anything relating to your representation, selection of law firm or attorney, ability to practice, a consumer reliance of any kind, or any legal matter. Results vary. The use of the words “Employment Law” in our name, website, advertising, communications, or anywhere else, does not imply, nor would we ever suggest, that MKO, or any person providing services on behalf of MKO, has a certification or specialty, or provides superior legal skill than any other law firm, as required by the Rules of Professional Conduct, and is only to be construed that MKO practices predominately in the employment law field. We may utilize relationships and share legal fees with other lawyers to assist in various stages of your case. MKO legal liability is limited to insurance limits. Licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Click for the contact information of MKO Employment Law LLC or call an employment lawyer at 412-301-2700

MKO EMPLOYMENT NEWS AND CONTENT STATEMENT: MKO often publishes content about our cases, their coverage in the media, and other information related to our state and federal employment litigation for employees. First, we believe this content is helpful to the public and is key as it allows people to better understand their employment rights and protect them if necessary. Second, we believe that media coverage enhances the rights of all employees by spreading the stories and knowledge of what happened to others. Third, publication of the details of filed litigation empowers that single person to publicly stand up and assert their voice and opinion loudly and with vigor, even if the company is expected to dispute it. Fourth, publications by MKO are already publicly available, such as on a docket or reported by other media, and content is universally considered protected speech.

Additional Terms of Agreement Governing Any Relationship With MKO Employment Law LLC

  • You agree that any legal claims or actions related to your representation extend (1) only to the single Partner representing you and leading your case and (2) to MKO Employment Law LLC as an entity, collectively known as “Insured”. MKO operates as a limited partnership and you agree to hold only the Insured liable and not anyone else.
  • You agree that for any legal claims against the Insured, liability is limited to an aggregate $100,000. You waive the right for any additional amounts. You are responsible for MKO attorney fees if you claim in excess of that amount.
  • MKO is not responsible for any missed deadlines until you Timely Submit your Intake Assessment and Documents. Failure to do so or to respond to our communications means we will disengage our representation without a refund.
  • MKO does not make guarantees or promises about legal matters and recovery estimates may change significantly.
  • The American Arbitration Association or similar binding private arbitration association shall resolve any disputes, allegations, or claims you have against MKO; the costs are split evenly. MKO must be given the opportunity in writing to select the organization prior to your filing. You waive your right to bring any lawsuit in any other court or forum against MKO. MKO is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Allegheny County, PA. MKO reserves the right to bring an action in any court at any time. One exception is that any legal fee dispute between $1,000 and $25,000 shall be exclusively subject to private binding arbitration with the ACBA Special Fee Determination Committee, if applicable.
  • Credit/debit card(s) provided may be used to satisfy owed amounts and is consented to by any named cardholder.
  • You agree to pay for all costs and expenses incurred, and we are not obligated to advance any costs or expenses.
  • MKO is not liable for stolen data or data breaches nor for third-party errors, omissions, negligence, and/or fraud.
  • You forever waive any class action claim or collective action claim, on any matter, against MKO.
  • If your attorney becomes incapacitated, MKO is held harmless, and another MKO lawyer may assume your case.
  • A referral fee, fee split, or other fee may be paid from MKO to a law firm, entity, attorney, or contractor if applicable. MKO may retain another law firm or refer your case out to an unaffiliated attorney or law firm for a fee.
  • Unless opted out, you consent to MKO communications and publishing case material for media or strategic reasons.
  • If there are multiple people similarly situated to you, you consent to simultaneous representation and waive conflicts.
  • Any money paid to MKO (contingency fees, costs, flat fees, initiation fees, retainers, etc.) is nonrefundable.
  • Any testimonial, endorsement, numerical figure, image/video, rating, or review (that may be from many years of practice with many people or on a 3rd party platform) does not constitute a guarantee, suggestion, promise, influence, or prediction about anything relating to your representation, selection of law firm or attorney, ability to practice, a consumer reliance of any kind, or any legal matter. Do not rely on these alone. Results will vary.
  • MKO, without penalty or liability, may terminate representation at any time and for any reason.
  • We digitize all documents, destroy or return originals, and after case conclusion may destroy the file after 5 years.
  • You agree to pay or reimburse MKO all costs associated with or related to your breach of this Agreement, including, but not limited to, legal fees, court costs, collection costs, expenses, and MKO’s professional hours at standard rates.
  • This Agreement is modifiable only by mutual agreement with an MKO Partner, in a mutually signed new Agreement.
  • This Agreement supersedes all prior discussions, negotiations, understandings, and agreements of any sort.
  • If any portion of this Agreement is deemed unenforceable, illegal, or voidable, a court or arbitrator will use Blue Pencil Authority to modify and enforce the portion to the maximum extent allowable under the law and not affect any other portion, and if unable the portion shall be removed and not affect any other portion, part, and/or section.