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Kayla H. Drum, Esq.

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Kayla H. Drum, Esq.

Posted June 16, 2023 | Hired Attorney Committed. Compassionate. Concise.

I was quite impressed with Kayla Drum! From the beginning, it became obvious she was dedicated to both helping me win and also keeping the channels of communication open and ongoing . Honestly, I felt hopeless before retaining her and was a little skeptical I could win. But she was very compassionate and understanding and made me feel heard and respected. She gave me a voice during the process rather than making all the decisions. She never barked orders but rather walked beside me throughout the entire process. One thing I will never forget both as a client and human being is that while recalling an extremely traumatic situation and trembling, I reached out my hand…and she held it until I was finished speaking. Do you know how dignified that made me feel? Very. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND KAYLA DRUM!

Posted by Alex | June 1, 2022 | Hired Attorney The best lawyer ever!!!!

She helped me with a very difficult case. Was absolutely amazing in every aspect! From knowledge to processes and dealing with everything in court. I would recommend her to anyone! Who needs help, Kayla is the way to go!!! thank you so much for everything you did for me!!

Posted by Susan | January 12, 2022 | Hired Attorney Excellent work by Kayla Drum

I was in need of a law firm and attorney who would were knowledgeable in the area of healthcare related employment issues. From my very first call to the MKO firm the staff conveyed a high level of professional background and understanding regarding the reasons for my legal needs. The entire process was explained thoroughly from the very beginning and remained extremely organized throughout. I was amazed not only at the caring and reliability of all involved, but also Kayla’s quick response to questions and concerns that arose during the time that I utilized this firm. Because of the overall tremendous effort by the team, and Kayla in particular, I was able to quickly obtain the outcome for which I was hopeful, and our case concluded with a win. I would refer anyone and everyone to Kayla and MKO Employment Law LLC.


Kayla H. Drum, Esq.

A Vanguard in Employment Law

Dedicated Advocacy for Pennsylvania’s Workforce

With a distinguished career rooted in rigorous courtroom advocacy, Kayla H. Drum, Esq., stands as a pillar of strength for employees facing legal challenges in the workplace. Focusing on employment law, Kayla’s expertise spans wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and securing rightful unemployment compensation for her clients.

A Career Built on Excellence and Agressive Advocacy

A proud alumna of Pennsylvania State University with dual bachelor’s degrees, Kayla honed her legal skills at the University of Pittsburgh’s esteemed Trial Advocacy program, under the mentorship of prominent federal judges. Her journey in law began with notable successes in the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office, laying a solid foundation for her transition to employment litigation. At MKO Employment Law LLC, Kayla’s passion for justice is matched by her commitment to client advocacy, ensuring each case is pursued with vigor and personalized attention.

Strategic Legal Representation, Tailored to Your Situtation

Kayla’s approach to employment law is both strategic and client-centered. Understanding that every case is unique, she offers tailored legal solutions designed to protect employees’ rights and achieve favorable outcomes. Her extensive experience in both jury and bench trials equips her with the insight to navigate the complexities of employment disputes effectively.

A Partner in Your Legal Journey

Joining forces with MKO Employment Law LLC, Kayla, alongside Attorney Michael Kraemer and Attorney Christi Wallace, has solidified the firm’s reputation as a boutique powerhouse dedicated to employment law. This collaboration, rooted in lifelong friendships, amplifies their collective expertise, positioning MKO as the pinnacle of employment litigation in Pennsylvania.

Empowering Clients Through Knowledge and Strategy

Kayla believes that empowerment through knowledge is key to navigating the legal system confidently. She dedicates time to educating her clients about their rights and the nuances of employment law, ensuring they are well-informed at every stage of their legal journey. This educational approach, combined with strategic legal planning, positions her clients for success, not just in their current legal battles but in their future endeavors as well. Kayla’s commitment to client education and strategic advocacy underscores her holistic approach to legal representation, making her a trusted ally in the fight for workplace justice.

Client Advocacy: A Testament to Kayla Drum’s Dedication

The heartfelt endorsements from Kayla Drum’s clients underscore her exceptional dedication to their causes. Alex’s story, shared in June 2023, highlights Kayla’s commitment to open communication and her compassionate approach, making clients feel heard and respected. This commitment turned skepticism into hope, transforming the legal process into a partnership rather than a directive. Susan’s experience further illuminates Kayla’s expertise, especially in navigating complex employment issues with professionalism and a deep understanding of the legal landscape. Both testimonials reflect Kayla’s ability to not only achieve winning outcomes but to also offer a level of support and empathy that extends beyond the courtroom. Whether it’s holding a client’s hand during a moment of vulnerability or swiftly addressing concerns, Kayla’s actions speak volumes about her approach to law: one where compassion, commitment, and client advocacy converge to create not just a successful legal outcome, but a dignified and empowering experience for all she represents.

Beyond the Courtroom

When not advocating for her clients, Kayla cherishes time with her family, exploring Pennsylvania’s scenic outdoors. Her dedication to her clients and community is paralleled only by her commitment to her family and personal pursuits. 

Don’t Settle for Less – Demand the Best with Kayla H. Drum, Esq.

Facing employment law battles? It’s time to turn the tables with Kayla Drum, a powerhouse in employment litigation. Don’t navigate the legal maze alone; Kayla’s proven track record of victories speaks volumes. With her at your side, you’re not just a client; you’re the next success story. This is your fight for justice, and settling for anything less than Kayla’s aggressive advocacy and expertise is not an option. Contact her now to secure not just representation, but a champion dedicated to winning your case. 

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